Nestlé Naturnes


These are organic products made with natural ingredients aimed at 6 months old babies. Client needed to emphasize the care from planting and cultivation, until the moment the product is consumed, thus reminding the maternal relationship.

This was a project I really enjoyed doing!

Video Producer: Santa Transmedia
Director: Pedro Alk
Creative Assistant: Thayna Laduano
Sales: Fernanda Castro
Sales Assistant: Janaina Felix
Executive Producer: Renata Munaretto
Coordination Producer: Gabriela Carvalho
Coordination Producer Assistant: Jonas Matos
DoP: Daniel Retz
Art Direction: Marystela Baioco
Casting: Emanuele Menezes
Costume Designer: Silvana Moura
Production Management: Arabi Mesquita
Production Assistant: Andre Fontes

Post-Production Producer: Liquor
Post-Production Coordinator: Ale Campos
Illustration: Murilo Justiniano, Melissa Sartor
Storyboard: Robespierre Araujo
Motion: Felipe Rolli, Guilherme Mourão, Bernardo Vaz
Cel Animators: Krystal Teodoro and Juli Sartori
Composition: Diego Roque
Color Grading: Felipe Tolotti

Audio: S de Samba