It is with a huge carnival joy that I present the project O Berço Elétrico - O Carnaval Sumiu (The Electric Crib - Carnival is Gone). It was a 6 months project where I had the honor to direct the first episode, and above all to learn from the people who were by my side.

Director: Pedro Alk
Created by: Diogo Rios
Script: Pedro Riera
Executive Producer: Paulo Henrique Miranda
Animation Producer: Liquor Media
Executive Producer: Livia Piassa
Concepts: Gabriela Milanelli
Art Assistant: Rafaela Sukyiama
Storyboard: Anderson Monteiro
Animatiors: Krystal Teodoro, Marco Túlio Rodrigues, Luiz F. Da Silva
Riggers: Eudis Cardoso, Henrique Alves, Hye Kyung Han, João LP, Krystal Teodoro, Luiz F. Da Silva, Marco Túlio Rodrigues, Odemilson Sconieczni,

Audio Mix: Pipa Music
Music Director: Thiago Duar
Sound Track: Thiago Duar
Sound Fx: Thiago Duar e Dante Gessulli
Foley: Dante Gessuli

Evelin Buchegger (Beeb, Dog), Maria Teixeira (Ester, Tina e Mom), Naya Sá (Pepi), Gutto Ordoz (Dad)