This was a very interesting project developed in partnership with the Rastro agency, where I was invited to create the art direction and coordinate post-production. The goal was to contextualize the campaign within a gaming environment and infuse a youthful atmosphere into the narrative. 


Production Company: Rastro Studios 

Director of Scene and Audiovisual: 

Stéphanie Saramago 

Creative Director: Afonso Soares 

Operations Manager: Andrezza Abreu 

Project Manager: Rachel Moreno 

Executive Production: Alessandra Couto 

Script: Andrezza Abreu and Stéphanie Saramago 

Research and Treatment: Maggie Landim and Cibelle Nogueira 

Director of Photography: Bruno Rubim 

First Assistant of Photography: Samuel Fortunato 

Production Coordinator: Juliana Damásio 

Set Production: Léo Mascaro 

Runner: Jobert Ribeiro 

Still Photographer: Larissa Kreili 

Assistant Still Photographer: Aleph Loureiro and Mariana Gabetta 

Art Direction: Carolina Agyar Assistant 

Art Director: Natália Neves 

Stylist: Van Nobre 

Assistant Stylist: Douglas Oliveira 

Beauty: Naira Chibb 

Assistant Beauty: Ana Carolina de Oliveira 

Security: Wellington Gois 

Transport: Via Cine 

Post-Production Coordination: Mariana Borba and Pedro Alk 

Editing: Bruno Rubim 

Finishing: Mariana Borba 

Color Grading: Caetano Braga 

Art Direction: Pedro Alk 

Motion Design: Pedro Alk, Felipe Rolli, and Krystal Teodoro 

3D Animation: Agente Laranja 

Retopology: Pedro Daniel 

LookDev 3D: Felipe Torquato 

Comp: Thamires Trindade 

Original Soundtrack and Sound Design: João Nitcho